The Right Honourable Matthew Hancock MP visited Cambridge and really fired up the Conservative team

Last night it was my pleasure to be the formal host for a visit by Matthew Hancock to Cambridge. Of course the real hosts were the lovely couple (they shall remain nameless) who let over 40 of us have the run of their house, eating, drinking and enjoying engaging with Matthew. Many thanks.

We started proceedings with a few words from me, largely about how exciting the prospect of a real three way marginal fight is going to be. I was able to throw in the prospect of UKIP standing who I don’t think will take a single Conservative vote in Cambridge, but might very well pinch some of the Labour vote.

Second up was Chamali Fernando, out newly selected PPC. It was a great opportunity for her to engage with a range of people, many from the business world, rather than just the party faithful.

Then, of course, we heard from Matthew. He is excited as I am about the possibility of snatching the seat from the Lib Dems.

He was clear about the choice at the next election. People either vote for a progressive Conservative Party which supports business, that wants all citizens to do well, that wants taxation to be as low as possible. Or a Labour Party that just wants to think about carving up an ever increasing tax burden. It is as simple as that.

He was clearly dismissive of the Lib Dems who have run out of credibility and lost the trust of everyone and in particular students.

We went into a question and answer session and talked about supporting businesses in Cambridge, discussing London’s Tech City and how it affects Cambridge and, of corse, Europe.

A great evening.

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