Time for a British Bill of Rights.

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has announced Conservative plans to replace Labour’s Human Rights Act with a British Bill of Rights and Responsibilities.

When the European Convention on Human Rights was written, in the aftermath of the Second World War, it set out the basic human rights we should respect.

But since then, interpretations of that charter have led to things that are wrong. So with a Conservative Government after the next election, we will have a new British Bill of Rights, and we will scrap Labour’s Human Rights Act.

This will make clear when human rights laws should apply, that rights should be balanced with responsibilities and it will stop terrorists and other serious foreign criminals using human rights to prevent deportation.

We do not require instruction on this from judges in Strasbourg.

The British Bill of Rights would be passed in our Parliament and rooted in our values – putting Britain first and restoring common sense to human rights in this country.

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