Honour to have been elected as a Councillor in the Clare, Hundon and Kedington ward for the West Suffolk Council

Today I attended the count for the West Suffolk by-elections. I was thrilled to have been elected especially as how politics seems all topsy turvy right now. First rule of politics – never take the electorate for granted.

Great work from the West Suffolk Council officers in providing a safe and well organised count, even if it did feel a little sanitised and lacking in atmosphere. Strange times we live in.

Lots of forms to fill in and return. Lots of congratulations from the Conservative team locally and interestingly from a wide range of people not so local. I then reached out to all the parish councils and Clare Town Council to get the dates of their meetings and to arrange for meeting up to discuss issues.

A good part of the afternoon was spent populating my IT with contact details. This will pay dividends moving forward. Tonight I attended, by zoom, the Stradishall parish council meeting. Interesting.

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