My open letter to all the parish clerks on grass cutting in the ward

“Good afternoon,

As district councillors we have recently been kept busy managing a hiccup in West Suffolk Council cutting some of the grass in the public realm in our parishes and town.

Not all of it has been cut when expected. Nor were you made aware of the issue in a timely manner. For this I apologise. I have spent some time today visiting some of the areas affected. I have also spoken to the manager responsible who has explained that it has been caused as a result of key staff leaving the cutting team at the same time as the rapid growth of grass at this time. This does not explain why you were not made aware of the issue.

I have raised it with our Chief Exec who is putting together plans to improve the communication when these issues arise. I am meeting with him tomorrow to discuss.

We are disappointed in what has happened but are determined to get the service as good as it can be.
Councillor Nick Clarke
Councillor for Clare, Hundon and Kedington Ward
West Suffolk Council”

One comment

  1. I’m much happier with grass being left to grow on verges and paths. The obsession with mowing is outdated and not good for nature. By all means keep junctions clear for road safety, but otherwise let it go to meadow and cut in late August.


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