Funding for local community groups – I can help!

Each district councillor has a locality budget each year. As a newbie I asked for more details about funding available for local community groups. This was the helpful guidance I received which I want to share with you.

“Here is an overview of the Locality Budget process and some helpful funding pots which many of the Parish Council and Community Organisations within your locality may have an interest in:

  • Locality Budgets – As discussed your Locality Budget balance for 2021/22 is £3800.00 (£2800 locality budget plus £500 additional Covid support). Please note there is also £500.00 carried forward for the Clare Community Hub – Dementia support project built into that total.

To support our communities through this challenging period, the following thresholds will apply (this is for the period of COVID19):

  • Spend of up to £200 can be allocated to new groups and paid to an individual in these groups recognising that they are unlikely to have bank accounts or constitutions (which is an existing requirement). This spend it likely to be used as a ‘whatever it takes fund’, for example funding volunteer phones.
  • Spend between £200 and £500 to support established VCS organisations, parish and town councils who are supporting during this crisis period and likely to have an existing bank account and constitution.
  • Spend over £500 needs to be discussed with a Families and Communities Officer, so we can ensure the budget is allocated effectively and reduce any duplication, as well as identify best practice/opportunities for collaboration between groups.
  • For all non-COVID19 support, funding can be used for new or existing community-based projects or activities carried out by community groups working in the councillor’s own ward. This centres on encouraging residents to explore their strengths and assets, an approach which is underpinned by the West Suffolk Approach.
  • Once the community group has chosen their project, please support the groups application by asking them to complete the Locality Budget Application. Once you have received and check your happy with the content please forward to Lizzi or myself to action and we’ll send out the acceptance form – clarifying the project and requesting payment details. We’ll keep a tally of your spend to date and are there to discuss the application with you.
  • Please can you ensure application forms are submitted to

Additional Funding:

Suffolk Community Restart Fund –  The Suffolk Community Restart fund, funded through Suffolk County Council, is a grant fund totalling £300,000. Each borough and district council in Suffolk has been given £75,000 each to offer voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) groups a grant to help them resume their previous activities safely and/or to support them to transition to new ways of working.

The scheme offers grants of between £250 and £2,500 to voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations in Suffolk.

Further information can be found at:

Funding 4 Suffolk

Funding 4 Suffolk is a website which lets you browse available funding by organisation type. There are also hints and tips for completing successful funding applications as well as a section specifically for local funds. You can access Funding 4 Suffolk at:

Village Halls/ Community Buildings:

•        Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation: – Funds available for over 5K very strong background in supporting Community Building

•        Garfield Weston Foundation – Two ceiling’s below 100k smaller projects or over 100k for larger projects. Clear guidelines highlighting a percentage of match funding is required  

•        Green Suffolk Fund – up to £2,000 at maximum 50% of total project cost (e.g. could cover £2,000 towards a £4,000 project, or £1,000 towards a £2,000 project) – see for the application form and guidelines. The funding is awarded based upon carbon reduction and wider community benefit

•        Mick George Community Fund – The minimum grant is £10,000. The maximum you can apply for is £50,000, (although it is unlikely individual grants over £35,000 will be made) Match Funding will not be required

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