HMP Highpoint in Stradishall – plans to add 741 new places

I have been notified that there are plans to expand the prison at Highpoint in Stadishall.

The plan is to deliver up to 741 new prison places across 3 new houseblocks, which will be supported by new ancillary buildings. The Planning application has not yet been submitted.

I have asked to meet with the Governor and his team to better understand the implications of the proposed expansion.

I believe those who do harm need to be locked up to keep society safe so support more prison spaces. Should this extra capacity be at HMP Highpoint? I will be interested in your thoughts?

The Prime Minister has made clear his focus on tackling crime. The government has approved an investment of £4 billion that will provide 18,000 additional places by the mid-20s.
This is a response to a rising prison population, which is forecast to grow significantly during the 2020s, with projected demand soon to outstrip supply. This rise is being driven by government policy decisions to reform the Criminal Justice System (e.g. the impact of 20,000 more police officers and recent changes to sentencing), on top of an ongoing increase in the number of long-sentenced offenders.


  1. I was of the belief that the prisoners there were not hardened criminals.
    I have no desire to see this happen a few miles up the road from our lovely village, nor be vulnerable to criminals of this level.
    I can remember clearly back in the late 80’s road blocks & helicopters on a regular basis when prisoners had escaped.


    • It is my belief that the inmates have been found guilty of a multitude of crimes, some petty some most certainly not. Living close to the complex for an extended period of time I can not see how anyone would be able to escape under current conditions.


  2. Perhaps the Prison service could first make good on their promise to maintain the roads on the high point prison estate, on which many of their staff live. The residents paid tens of thousands in maintenaince fees to the prison that magically disapeared. The prison now claim they have nothing to do with the estate or roads on the one hand but also still claim ownership over various empty garages on the estate.


  3. It would be nice if the prison would invest in the surrounding buildings, roads and grass areas as well. This prison is a category C so the inmates are supposed to be on the lower side of dangerous so as long as it stays that way the should expand as it creates jobs ect. But they need to keep the local residents happy, then they are less likely to object to prison plans


  4. Generally, whether it’s here or not we don’t really have much say. Personally I don’t think prison is any sort of deterrent
    Why would it be? They cost us a fortune to keep, have a roof over their head, 3 meals a day, in warm dry accommodation. What do they do in return, I have never knowingly seen anyone doing community service, nor do I know what prisoners do for society to repay the debt they owe. Oh and don’t they get 3 months unemployment money when they come out. Its harder on the outside trying to keep body and soul together, especially on a pension.


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