When is a road closure not a enforceable road closure – in Clare on market day it seems!!!

West Suffolk council has organised a market in Clare, on the third saturday of the month, for some time.

The market square normally has parking restricted to two hours. On market days Bucks Lane is closed to traffic and parking is suspended. The night before market day overnight parking is prohibited.

West Suffolk parking enforcement have the following signs clearly displayed; “NO PARKING Parking bays suspended 23:00 Friday to 16:00 Saturday vehicles may incur a penalty charge – Saturday Street Market”.

Obstructing market spaces causes serious disruption to the stallholders and the market organisation. This week a car was left overnight in the middle of the market.

Civil Enforcement Officers were present in Clare over the weekend, the parked vehicle was observed, but due to the incorrect orders they were powerless to enforce during the road closure period. Any vehicle/s in contravention outside of the road closure and adjacent roads were enforced as normal. How can this be?

It seems there is a significant admin error behind this. The current TRO’s applications submitted to SCC for any road closures or events do not state that Penalty Charge Notices can be issued. So no penalty can be issued!

I have raised the issue with council officers and asked for some idea when this will be resolved. I also have a meeting planned with officers, in the New Year, to discuss the matter more fully.



  1. Your time would be better spent finding out why the residents of Cavendish lives are being turned upside down by repairs to the gas main taking months rather than days!


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