HMP Highpoint – roads update

There are two sorts of roads at HMP Highpoint that I have been working on, ring road and estate roads.

The first and easiest is what is known as the ring road. It is in a terrible state which is making things difficult for folk to move around without damaging their vehicles and cycles. Never mind trip hazards, if you fall into one of the pot holes you might never be seen again!!!

Today I received an email updating me on the roads. These roads are managed as part of the everyday running of the prison and, after a tender process, the MoJ can confirm the service road repairs will begin over the next couple of months with firmer dates to be provided in the next couple of weeks. Please see the site map below, with the proposed area of repairs annotated.

This is fantastic news and long overdue. I am looking forward to seeing the results.

The other large concern has been in relation to the estate roads that is a long running matter. This is still in play. Currently the issue sits with the prisons minister and is being kept alive by Matt Hancock MP, West Suffolk council and myself. All to play for.

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