Highpoint prison expansion open meeting and great news about the Highpoint estate roads

Tonight a public meeting was hosted by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) to discuss the proposed HMP Highpoint expansion plans. A good turn out resulted in around 50 folk being hosted in the visitors Center.

It was great to see the Governor and his team in attendance along with civil servants from the MoJ. A good many questions were asked.

I was given the opportunity to share some great news. Today I was able to find a solution to the long standing issue of the Highpoint estate roads, which are in a dreadful state.

I have been engaging with a company that has developed a new type of road surfacing that utilises recycled plastic, reducing its carbon footprint, extending its longevity by 7 times and meets all the standards for noise and skidding. I was able to suggest that the Highpoint Estate be used as a reference site for the company. Before and after.

For clarity, this means that the estate roads are to be repaired and resurfaced at no cost to the residents 🤪👍 I am thrilled to say the least. The icing on the cake is I have also managed to negotiate some free assistance to manage the legal aspects of the deal.

We now need to push ahead with forming an estate management company to ensure the roads are maintained after they are fixed. More on that latter.

Sometimes, just sometimes things just go well, today was such a day.


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