Busy day – prison, school and conflict resolution

Today started early with an on site meeting at Highpoint Estate with Roadfill and their contractors Breedon. Also in attendance was the Chair of the Highpoint Estate Residents Association.

We walked the site, prodded the road, asked questions and made serious sounding noises. Some sucking of teeth was heard but I confess it was me on a polo mint rather than anything else 😄

A plan was formulated and it all seems like we are onto a winner still. A teams meeting is to be held on Thursday to decide the all important start date.

I then had a meeting with the Stour Valley Community School where I explored the issues of providing support to our Ukrainian refugees. This is clearly a complex subject but one we will need to get a grip of.

Then onto a meeting to help a village settle an issue. I won’t go into details to preserve the innocent. Sometimes a trusted third party can fix a difficulty when those directly involved can’t. I was very honoured to have been asked to manage the resolution process. And we got a result 👍

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