Remembrance Sunday

A great day supporting communities remembering the fallen. It is fantastic to see so many getting involved. A big thank you to all the organisers who work so hard and to everyone who turn up.

First up was Kedington. Always a good turnout for the parade to the church and this year was no different. Bugles, serving members of the armed forces and lots of wreathes being layed. The children planting a cross for each of the fallen, as their names were called out, was very moving.

Then it was off to Poslingford. A much smaller event but very moving all the same. Lovely to chat to everyone.

Clare was the final port of call. Another huge turnout for the parade from the fire-station to the church for a service and then on to the memorial for wreath laying. It was my honour to lay a wreath for West Suffolk Council. Tea and cakes to finish, lovely.

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