Clare market – parking restriction enforcement issue resolved

I was alerted to an issue of cars being parked on the site of the saturday market when they should have been cleared. The odd car dotted in amongst stalls isn’t very helpful. When the West Suffolk civil enforcement team were called out to issue penalty notices it was discovered that the traffic regulation order (TRO) that governs this was not correct. This meant that whilst the TRO was being contravened no penalty could be issued!!!!! A bit of a nonsense really.

The trouble was I was alerted to this nearly a year ago and it was, until today, still an issue. The problem revolved around Suffolk County Council and West Suffolk Council working together to ensure the “correct” TRO was in place. And this proved difficult. Worse, it seems both councils legal teams had a different opinion on what was legal and what was not.

Over the last couple of days I have made the case that frankly I don’t care what the legal departments say, it is a ridiculous position we find ourselves in and it needs sorting. Today, I can let everyone know the matter is resolved. It seems that penalty notices can now be issued if anyone leaves their cars where they should not be. The civil enforcement team will be on hand at the next market day to ensure everything runs smoothly.

I am grateful to my officers for sorting it out and for resident keeping me updated.



  1. Great news, could you maybe also ask enforcement officers to deal with the horrendous parking problem around kedington primary school twice daily? Parking too close to junctions, parking along the restricted yellow line, sometimes fully blocking people’s driveways. Trying to navigate around the parked vehicles is a huge issue as you cannot see if anything is coming in the opposite direction and there has been many occasion when traffic stoppage has occurred and it’s then difficult for either vehicle to reverse out the way to allow traffic flow to continue. And it isn’t a case of there being no where else to park, if people are ere just willing to park a little further away and walk. And I don’t see the proposed new yellow zig zags opposite where housing is to be built changing anything, it’s quite clear parents don’t care, going on the fact I’ve had many a child wander in front of my moving vehicle to swing a car door open without a parent in sight!


    • Hi Sarah, I feel your pain. I travel along there on a regular basis and my heart sinks if I misjudge it and find it’s school time. I just started to write a long reply but it’s complex. If you email me your phone number I will give you a call to discuss if that helps. Not tonight of course!!!!


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