Clare – Cavendish road development – The site has been bought!!!

Yesterday I was invited to a meeting with representatives of Denbury Homes and Carter Jonas, to support Clare Town Council.

Denby Homes have recently acquired the Cavendish Road site that has planning permission for 53 homes. They have reviewed the approved plans and are already seeking to have them amended. Instinctively I go on the defensive when this happens. The approved plans have gone through an extensive process and been subject to considerable scrutiny so should not change without good reason.

I was concerned that the promises made to me, by the previous developers, might be “forgotten” in all this activity. I was able to push hard for broadband to all homes which they agreed to. It would be a nonsense not to provide that these days. I also made a pitch for solar panels on all the homes. I am always concerned that developers are able to offset carbon reduction measures by implementing heat source pumps, which whilst a great idea, don’t provide cheap electricity to home owners. Both are ideal. Denbury Homes have agreed to come back with the number of homes that will have solar panels.

They seem keen to shuffle some houses around and change the style of the homes. Being a cynic I can’t help think this might be a cost cutting exercise but I was assured it was not. We will see. Denbury Homes have agreed to provide further details of house locations and type. What we don’t want is all the smaller lower cost houses all of a sudden becoming 5 bed homes that locals can’t afford.

The drainage basin is to be increased in size by 5%. I asked for the detailed reasons for this. A 5% increase is a strange amount. If the site needs increased drainage then is 5% sufficient. Does any more than that reduce the number of houses on the site? Denby Homes have promised to come back with further clarification.

We also asked for an update on the section 106 funding in particular their understanding of their obligations for footpaths.

We must now wait and see.


  1. I have a strange feeling that they plan to try and increase the number of houses and decrease the quantity of the development in order to increase profits, and I have a sinking feeling that this was always going to happen by the previous developer once planning was approved


    • Hi Tony, there is no sign of them trying to increase the number of houses. If they wanted to do that the increase in numbers would need a new planning approval.


      • Hi Nick
        I can understand that however as it is early stages I personally find it a bit strange that it is either to increase numbers or to decrease to quality of the development in order to increase costs, by building different types of houses by style and size or specifications to maximize on profit margins. But this is just my personal opinion and observation


      • Thanks for your comments Tony. This is actually at a late stage rather than an early stage. When planning approval has been granted that normally what has to be built. Because it is a new developer they are seeking some changes, which they might or might not get approved. I’m sure profit margins feature in their somewhere.


  2. Has anyone tried to get to clare along cavendish road during peak times as in school drop off and pick up, the traffic is congested and too add more cars from the new houses would be crazy. Could they not fix the road congestion before thinking of 53 new houses😒


    • Hi Kate, thank you for your comments. I’m afraid the ship has sailed on this one. The land was allocated for building a number of years ago after a full consultation. Last year the planning application was consulted on and also approved. In the future it is likely there will be more houses on the opposite side of the road to the school. On the positive side of things this might lead to a roundabout there which will help deal with the real problem of speeding coming into Clare.


    • The answer is I don’t know. Given how new the legislation is I suspect it will only apply to sites that go before planning when it comes in rather than an amendment. Let’s see. However, I will raise the more general issue with our chief planning officer to see what the plans are for its introduction. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.


  3. Hi Nick


    div>Many thanks for this. Do you have contact details for Denbury please.  I need to contact th


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