Pleased to announce my Shadow Cabinet – We will help keep this Labour led minority administration on the straight and narrow!

The shadow cabinet seeks to hold the Cabinet to account portfolio by portfolio. We will meet regularly and set out to be an effective opposition.

What does opposition mean? Where we see something that risks the excellent finances that have been inherited by the Labour led coalition we will speak out on behalf of the people of West Suffolk. Where we see mistakes being made we will point it out and offer helpful advice to correct it. We will work to ensure we are ready to take over when required.

Shadow Cabinet

LeaderNick Clarke
Deputy plus GrowthAndrew Smith
Families and communitiesJoe Mason
Housing and HealthSarah Pugh
Leisure, Culture and hubsJo Rayner
OperationsAndrew Speed
PlanningAndy Drummond
Governance Regulatory and environmentCarol Bull
Resources and propertyKaren Soons

This shadow cabinet is a mix of experience, lots of exciting new thinking, gender balanced and hungry to serve the people of West Suffolk.

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