Gritting Update

“Further to your e mail to Richard I can confirm that it was recommended to the Environment Services Cabinet Lead Member & Spokesmen on 5th October that Fulbourn Old Drift, Teversham Drift and Kelsey Crescent were removed from our precautionary gritting routes. This recommendation was accepted.

This summer we reviewed all our routes Countywide.

We highlighted the ones that do not fit in to our current objectives for Winter Maintenance precautionary salting.

That is we give priority to :

  • Roads that carry the heaviest early morning traffic
  • Roads linking centres of population
  • B roads and busy roads adjacent to fen roads
  • Roads that link salted route with those of other adjoining counties
  • Making sure all road users live within a reasonable distance of a salted route

We also try to salt all bus routes where possible.

Teversham Drift  and Kelsey Crescent are residential roads that are not bus routes.

Fulbourn Old Drift is a dead end road where turning the gritter around is extremely difficult.

All three of these route will be on our list of Secondary Routes.

It was also recommended to the same meeting that our policy regarding the treatment of these Secondary Routes was amended. We will now treat the secondary network when 5 days of freezing conditions are forecast, rather than after 5 days of freezing conditions have occurred. I am sure this will mean far more treatments to the secondary routes than previously.”

We will need to see how this change of policy has impacted on our roads at the end of the winter.

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