HCV Strategy Meeting and Workshop – 2nd March 2011

HCV’s or HGV’s as most of us know them by are a mixed blessing. As they move around our county it is a demonstration that our county is thriving and that business continues despite the recession we have been through. The down size is that many of our roads and country lanes were not built to take the ever increasing HCV traffic. Of course, if an HCV is on its lawful business and is correctly taxed and insured it has a right to be on the road. People also have a right to expect that vehicles don’t make their lives a misery.

The County Council met with in the order of 100 parish councillors in Swavesy village college to discuss the way forward. There was a presentation followed by a workshop where everyone had a chance to comment on what was being proposed.

What was being proposed was a way of managing the negative impacts of HCVs. The process set out the escalation process and explored how the parish would be involved. There was a great sense that the parish and in particular the parish council should take responsibility for identifying the problem and collecting some of the data that would provide the evidence required. It was pleasing to see that the process included, at an early stage, discussions with commercial organisations to see if all sides could be satisfied through dialogue.

All the the comments have been taken away to be thought through. I await the outcome of this consultation with interest. I sit on the policy development group that will look at these matters.

Have a look at the slides from the presentation here. HCV meeting presentation

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