Parish Council Report – March 2011


Parish Council report from County Councillor Nick Clarke

Jill Tuck standing down as leader in May

This all came as a shock to members of the ruling Conservative Group. Jill has been very effective in steering the council through some very tough financial times. She has been a strong leader who has always been fair, focused on the most vulnerable in our county and has always insisted on value for money for the tax payer – all this and with a sense of humour. She stands down for personal reasons and we all wish her well. Group elections will take place in the coming weeks.

Full Council – 15/02/2011

It is rare for a budget setting council meeting to attract such attention. Of course this was the budget that was set to make significant cuts for the first time in many years. Despite all the protests, arrests and the long day the budget was passed. This is a tough budget but one that takes into account the financial disaster the previous government left. A degree in economics is not necessary to understand that you cannot continue to spend without restraint. The opposition budget amendment suggested minor changes which would have been paid for by increasing taxation. This was not felt to be appropriate at this time when families are struggling.

Bus Subsidies

Bus subsidies are to be removed over a four year period. 80% of bus journeys are run commercially and not subject to subsidy. Lots of work is going on to see how effective community based transport can fill the gap. A transport forum took place in March to discuss possible solutions. Lots of different providers are engaging to see how they can help.

HCV Forum

An HCV forum is taking place at Swavesy Village College on the 2nd March starting at 1845 to look into all aspects of large vehicles moving around the county and in particular going through our villages. I will be attending.

Cycleway Fen Ditton to Horningsea 14th Feb 2011

It was with great pleasure that I officially opened the cycle way between Fen Ditton and Horningsea. The new off road shared use path is 2.5 metres wide and includes solar stud lighting, providing a safe and environmentally friendly link between the two villages. The new route which cost £480,000 to build, was jointly funded by Cambridgeshire County Council and Cycle Cambridge, a partnership of local councils working together to encourage more people to get pedalling in Cambridge and the surrounding area. Two new benches, made from wrought iron and recycled plastic, were installed as part of the project.

Meetings / Committees / Panels Attended in Feb in addition to above

Chaired Safer and Stronger scrutiny committee

Informal cabinet x 2

Corporate scrutiny committee

Cabinet / SMT

Members seminar

Full Council

Chaired a staff appeals panel

LGSS joint committee with Northamptonshire

Appointments committee x2


Highways management board

Met with Chief Exec Mark Lloyd

Reviewed Project Management process

Reviewed transformation of Highways

Reviewed CRB policy


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