School Funding In Cambridgeshire

In 2010 -11, Cambridgeshire received Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG) of £4,093 per pupil, resulting in the county being ranked 132nd out of 151 local authorities.  For the financial year 2011-12, Cambridgeshire will receive £4,643.51 per pupil.  This means Cambridgeshire will fall from 132nd to 143rd out of 151 local authorities.

What is of greater concern is the per pupil difference between ourselves and other local authorities.  Every £100 difference equates to approximately £7.9m of overall funding.  If Cambridgeshire was funded at the national average of £5,082.53 per pupil this would provide additional funding of nearly £35m for Cambridgeshire schools.

One comment

  1. This is an excellent summary of the way Cambridgeshire children were mistreated by the previous government. I would only add that it increases the urgency of improving the efficiency of its central services, so that as much money as possible goes to schools.


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