Cambridgeshire wins £4.5M cash boost

Campaigning Cambridgeshire councils have secured an extra £4.5 million in Government funding after persuading Ministers the County had been given a raw deal.,Last year the Government told Councils that they would not be getting Local Public Sector Agreement reward money that they had earned for meeting tough targets.

This meant Cambridgeshire was left £4.5 million short and had to stop many vital community based projects. However, Cambridgeshire County Council lobbied Government on behalf of the Cambridgeshire Together partnership that this treatment was unfair as authorities had met what was asked of them and had already allocated the money.

Ministers have listened to the Council’s arguments and have confirmed the County will be getting an extra £4,503,334. The money had been previously shared out under the Cambridgeshire Together partnership and helped initiatives across the county, improving people’s opportunities and quality of life. Partners will now have to meet to discuss how this extra funding will be used.

This is very good news. One of our duties as councillors is to stand up for our communities and fight for what is fair and what was promised us. We understand in this economic climate why the Government has made savings. But councils and partners worked hard to meet the tough targets set for them and this money was providing real community benefits. That is why we argued hard for the Government to look at this again and we are very pleased that the Minister had heeded what we have said.  We will now look very carefully at where this money can be spent with our partners.


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