Lib Dem leader finds guided busway difficulties a giggling matter

Cabinet met on Tuesday 5th April. One of the items discussed was a progress report on the guided busway. This issue is a serious matter as the contractor is playing contractual games to try to avoid it’s liabilities under the contract. Whilst the disput continues the public are not getting the benefit of the busway and that is of grave concern.

I was amazed to hear two people laughing in the public gallery during this item. Who could find anything funny in this matter unless they failed to grasp the significance of the issues or perhaps had a vested interest in wanting the busway to fail. What light weights could find public money being tied up in a contractual battle with a supplier funny?

Well, it was none other than Fiona Whelan, the leader of the county council Lib Dems and Lucy Nethsingha also a Lib Dem councillor giggling for all they were worth. How any councillor could find this amusing in any way is beyond me? I can only assume that both these councillors saw some ridiculous political advantage in giving comfort to the contracter by making light of the whole issue.

Some people ought to know better. Party politics at its worse.

Read this shameful episode in the CEN.

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