Local county councillors to be more involved

There are 69 County Councillors in Cambridgeshire. For some time there has been concern expressed that sometimes they are not involved enough in things happening in their own divisions. Some say that they are only notified when it is too late to affect the decision that is to be made.

This cannot continue if each of our members is to be a local champion for their division. I have recently placed a duty, on all cabinet members and council officers, to presume local members are to be involved from the outset. This is a significant change from the previous position of involving local members where it was felt necessary. This new emphasis builds on my desire for greater localism and for the council to be even more politically led. Politically led, in this context, means led by the needs of the people of Cambridgeshire not by political parties or council officers.

I have already had to apologies to two opposition members when this new emphasis has not been carried out. I expect the need for apologies to reduce very soon!!

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