Another New Leader for County Liberal Democrates

Their current Leader, Fiona Whelan is stepping down on June 19th, which I guess means they are now embarking on their 3rd leader in a little over 3 years.

Killian Bourke is the new leader elect. He has set his stall out early with the following quote:

“I look forward to continuing the group’s role as a powerful and effective opposition, challenging decisions made by the Conservative administration”

I do hope that effective opposition is what we start to get. For too long opposition has felt like a long series of complaints and grumbles with ill thought through alternatives. Perhaps this change of leadership will herald costed, coherent alternatives to our policies. If they are not be assured we will point it out.

I do have some sympathy for Killian. I get to choose my cabinet. His is elected by his group. So what authority does he have?? Hmmmm

Good luck Killian, we are waiting.

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