BBC radio reveal Lib Dems false claims

Liberal Democrate Cllr Brooks-Gordon went on BBC radio Cambridge today making a lot of false claims about special educational needs transport. Making scaremongering claims is a tactic often used by the Lib Dems but in this case is very worrying as it causes unnecessary distress for vulnerable families.

Irresponsible politics of this sort is very regrettable. Fortunately, Jeremy Sallis, the presenter, forced Cllr Brooks-Gordon to deal with the fact that what the Lib Dem press release said was not true. As it turns out Cllr Brooks-Gordon made a real hash of the interview being both unconvincing and obviously only making ridiculous statements to seek publicity.

Click on the Listen Now button on the left, under 01/06/2011 and drag the slide to 1.50.30 – that’s where the interview starts:

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