Safe pair of hands leading the council – declares Green supporter

Although in fairness it was said at todays cricket match after I took 3 catches in 20 mins. I was ducking and diving more than the Lib Dems do when confronted with how they are ever going to fund some of their grand ideas. Although they seem to have stopped having bright ideas since I became leader (probably in case I steal them) and seem more focussed on the councils internal processes rather than in doing anything positive to help the people of Cambridgeshire. Enough of this. I will not name this senior Green to preserve his blushes. So Geoff your secret admiration is safe with me. Ooops.

It is bad form to trumpet your own success but since my Green friend has given me this opportunity it would be a shame to not use it. Since returning to cricket from fracturing my ankle it is all going well. First game back 133 not out, second game 2, third game 56 and lots of catches to boot.  For those of you who can’t sleep at night or are true cricket fans our matches are written up by our own Danny Mortlock, an astronomer of some note.

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