Today – not quite so busy

In the office for 8 to prepare for a meeting to discuss a proposed new development. Planning still seems overly complicated to me but I guess getting it right is important particularly as developers need to fund public goods under a section 106 agreement. This can include schools etc.

At 1000 I met with fellow Conservative Council Leaders from our districts. This is a great forum to share ideas, plans and ambitions. It stops us falling over each other when we are lobbying government and ensures we are all pulling in the same direction.

For the first time in weeks I had a full hour for lunch so I indulged myself in sorting out my blog before wandering off to Castle Court to visit the Adult Social Care team. Rather than meeting with senior officers I managed to spend a useful half hour chatting with the admin staff. If you want to know what is really happening, admin staff are key. You get to hear it as it is.

Set off for Peterborough after lunch to meet with the leader of the City Council to discuss yet more developments. It is important as development always puts pressure on schools, highways and existing communities. Our excellent working relationship with Peterborough makes this so much easier. Less about process and procedures and more about what’s best for the citizens. Excellent meeting.

Then a trip to Huntingdon to the Huntingdonshire Regional College awards ceremony, where I was the guest speaker.

Home for 2000hrs and dinner. Great day.

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