Great weekend

What a lovely start to the weekend, Like so many young people, my daughter and partner, went off to see “Take That” at Wembly on Friday. I had the pleasure of baby sitting my 7 month old grandson. Armed with all the tools of the trade, nappies, milk, spare clothes, high chair, cot, and endless plastic items we settled down for a 10 hour fun time. Despite my daughters assurances that baby Olly always goes to sleep at 7 pm the first yawn was not until 1030 and that was from me. Lovely day.

Cricket on Saturday brought the usual collection of aches and pains, a sign of old age I’m afraid, and not enough runs. Frustrating.

Sunday saw all 6 kids and partners, and grandson of course, descend for a BBQ. Lovely to see everyone together. The usual blackened everything with salad (I cooked).

Disaster, I was finally beaten at table tennis and forced by Jamie to blog about it. Whilst I think I might be a good loser it is not something I could get use to. The situation was recovered later when I beat Jamie at squash and it only seems fair to mention it. I did say I would not mention the 4 – 0 drubbing I gave him, so don’t tell anyone.

Just a few papers to go through for next week and then off to bed.

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