Catch up with Chief Exec

On my return from the CCN event I met Mark Lloyd at 5pm in Shire Hall. We had a good two hours checking on progress of tasks already given to him and adding a few more. Mark was also able to update me on breaking issues, which we do most days.

Interestingly, my list of things to go through was over 50 and they were just the issues that I needed action on. I can’t imaging how many have been tasked and finished.

This two way flow of information is essential to the smooth running of an organisation. It is particularly important that the leader and chief exec have the necessary experience and confidence to challenge issues and think strategically.

How many of the new Lib Dem opposition front bench would you trust to run a tap let alone a 1 billion pound council? I am not sure the new opposition Leaders experience as ” Coleman the patrolman” or pedalling a rickshaw meets the experience criteria. I am guessing that Killian is a wannabe MP now that he spends his time as a case worker for an MEP. Real job?

I can already hear the shouts of “oooh secret meetings”. No, Lib Dems, it is good effective management that enables the council to deliver services.

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