County Chief Exec goes head to head with Cambridge ex Chief Exec and wins

This was a return cricket match between Cambridge City and Cambridge Horizons. Earlier in the season the city romped home as worthy victors. As this was to be the last game for Horizons the pressure was on. Alex Plant, manager, captain, kit provider, scorer and general all round good egg led the charge.

Horizons opened the batting, Horizons were quick off the mark with a four off the first ball. And so it continued. With each batsman being forced to retire at 25 we were soon changing batsman faster than England do when they face Sri Lanka.

The total raced to well over 150 for no loss of wicket, and on, and on, and on. A fine spell of umpiring by our own chief exec ensured there were no silly LBW decisions. Although it must be noted that Mark is a bowler and like all bowlers never gives a wide. I blame it on the velcro under his arms.

With the loss of only one wicket and a true cricket score on the board our 20 overs came to an end.

Rob Hammond, ex chief exec of the City Council, muttered dark thoughts. With a steely glint in his eyes he mustered his troops and sent his batsman to do battle. On a regular basis as they were quickly bowled, caught and run out. Could this be the moment when honour was restored to Horizons.

Suddenly, we had the sight of Rob taking his guard at the wicket. Despite this being a friendly game his jaw was set and the grin looked a little forced. At the other end Mark Lloyd was preparing to bowl. I couldn’t work out if he was marking out his run up or pawing the ground in expectation. Never have I seen Mark so serious. The battle of chief execs was on.

Rob played a couple of lovely shots, gaining valuable runs before Mark bent his back and ripped the stumps out of the ground. With much slapping of hands and leaping in the air, the game was ours.

Great fun, played in a fine spirit and only one reference from me about Lib Dems turning like a spinning ball. Fantastic. Apologies for any poetic licence demonstrated.

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