Action packed Tuesday

Tuesday started with a couple of informal meetings starting at 0800. This led into my first joint meeting between the Council’s Cabinet and the Board of NHS Cambridgeshire. I chaired it as it was our turn to host it. This meeting is important as we have many jointly funded activities and many inter-dependancies. We had updates on developments in the health sector and the council. I applied pressure to better understand and have plans put in place to manage budget pressures in services for older people and for people with learning disabilities.

This was followed by a joint meeting between cabinet and the councils strategic management team. This is a regular meeting. We looked at performance of the council to date and explored options moving forward. A good planning event which ensures politicians and officers have a joint understanding of the issues and opportunities.

I then joined my deputy and the chief exec at a meeting in Huntingdon with peers from Huntingdon District Council. Progress was made on a range of issues important to both our organisations.

Back in Shire Hall the chief exec and I met with senior officers from Cambridgeshire Community Services to further discuss the budget pressures raised at the NHS meeting in the morning. CCS are tasked to carry out a range of services on behalf of the NHS and ourselves.

The final meeting was to meet with senior officers responsible for adult social care and learning disabilities to ensure all the lessons from the day were put into action.

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