SmartLIFE – jobs and skills for low carbon economy

Sometimes councils are thought of as slow and old fashioned in thinking. The SmartLIFE centre in Cambridge is a fantastic example of innovative thinking by County Council staff that can bring real benefits to industry.

David Arkell, Head of Innovation and Partnerships and also a SmartLIFE Director was brimming with enthusiasm when I met him on 28th July for a tour of the centre. Within the building students from both colleges and industry are given the skills to construct low carbon buildings. Not only are they given the theory but they actually put together and erect a preformed house within the building.

I was pleased to hear that this project has moved away from being grant funded, from the EU, to a sustainable fee based model.

I was keen to understand how this industry leading brand could be further exploited commercially. I suspect I will poking my nose into this exciting area again in the future.

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