Autonomy bought by HP

I was grateful that HP contacted me to let me know about them acquiring Autonomy, before I read about it in the press.

Not only did I get an email but also a phone call the next day. This is good in a number of ways. Firstly, it means that HP are working the patch which reinforces their commitment to our county and secondly they recognise the county council as being important to successful business activity.

I gave a positive message to HP and let them know we welcomed them to Cambridgeshire. I was able to get an assurance from HP that they intend to remain in our county and that they value the skilled workforce here. I was also able to discuss, in general terms, our ambition to make Cambridgeshire the best place to do business.

We agreed to meet up once the take over dust has settled. I am hoping more, not less, of HP’s activities come to Cambridgeshire.

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