Cambridgeshire success story

The week starts with the gloomy national news that almost 40 percent of households have seen their finances deteriorate and income from employment has fallen for the eleventh month running.

Despite this national back drop it really struck me that Cambridgeshire is making fantastic inroads into bucking this trend and building infrastructure for a secure economic future.

The facts speak for themselves.

The Busway saw more than 55,000 journeys during its first week of operation and extra buses are being put on from next month to meet passenger demand.

A county council project to connect almost every home in Cambridgeshire to superfast broadband will receive £6.75 million of Government funding, some from the council and a large chunk from the private sector (£50m).

Around 8,000 new jobs will be created on the 370-acre section of the Alconbury Airfield site, which has been selected by the Government as an ‘Enterprise Zone Scheme’.

And finally, Cambridgeshire students have been praised for their hard work in this year’s A-level exams and early indications suggest results across Cambridgeshire’s schools have risen again.

It’s facts like these that make me proud to call Cambridgeshire home.

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