Relative poverty

Comparing ourselves with others seems to be a human trait. We compare wealth, what sort of cars we have, how we look and where we live. We use relative judgement rather than absolute. Often we use this relative judgement to make ourselves feel more successful even though it makes others feel bad about themselves. Not a pretty human trait.

Compared with the poorest parts of Africa, where clean water, housing and any form of transport is not available for many then even the poorest individual in this country would appear relatively rich.

There are some inner city estates in this country that suffer real relative poverty and affect a large number of people.

In our own county there are two very small areas, within Kings Hedges, that can be classed as deprived by technical definition. This deprivation is real and something we should focus our attention on solving, as local authorities and community leaders.

BUT, it seems most unfair and unjustified for Arbury and parts of Kings Hedges to suffer from a poor reputation when in fact they are vibrant, cohesive communities situated amongst wide open green spaces.

Schools, both primary and secondary, are out performing schools in other areas, the area is supported by excellent community centres and the place is clean and tidy.

Bad enough to prejudice a deprived area, even worse to prejudice an area unfairly.

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