Arbury – how can we help?

A few weeks ago, after a visit to the excellent Manor school, I asked officers some searching questions about Arbury.

I want to know why the reputation is poor, yet when I walk through the area it feels like a great place, lots of open space, clean and non of the obvious signs of deprivation that some other cities suffer from. The schools are excellent, there are busy shops, community centres, a library and places for kids to play.

So, is there a problem and if so what are we doing to fix it? Or was there an issue a few years ago which has long since been sorted but the Arbury “brand” has been tainted?

I have made a number of visits to the area since becoming leader and am becoming increasingly frustrated that we have a very small area within our wonderful city of Cambridge that is suffering. With the combined resources of the county council, city council, schools and strong local communities surely something can be done to either fix what is broken or set about mending the tarnished brand of Arbury.

Yesterday we had a very positive meeting of the city and county councillors, community leaders, youth workers, family intervention officers and others to see what are the issues and what can be done. I don’t presume to have the answers. However, I am certain that people at this meeting can make a difference if only we can provide a way for them to be heard. Now, I can do that.

More on this as we move forward.

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