Super fast broadband

Building on my Cabinets recent decision to press ahead with super fast broadband for the county yesterday I chaired the first meeting of the delivery group. Note the name of the group DELIVERY, not steering, planning, review, or consultation. This is so important we all need to get on with it.

The group included county council, Peterborough City Council, health and Universities amongst others. Also pleased to see the new enterprise zone at Alconbury represented and the LEP. This group was chosen as they are all key to the delivery of super fast broadband and to how it may be exploited.

We will meet quarterly. Key to moving forward will be to decide on the procurement method given that substantial amounts of private and public money is being spent. We will meet in the next few weeks to approve this as we don’t want to wait for the next quarterly meeting.

Fortunately we have experienced officers to help us understand the many rules and regulations involved in this area of procurement and more importantly to get on with winding our way through them. All very necessary, I am sure, but I can’t help feeling frustrated by red tape.

A significant to do list was created which I will have my beady eye on to make sure is completed in a timely fashion.

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