Mad, Mad world of politics

I’m just pinching myself to make sure today has not been  a dream. Did I hear Cllr Brooks-Gordon, Cambridge City Liberal Democrat County Councillor, on the radio calling for brothels to be opened in Cambridge? I know that I am keen on Cambridgeshire being open for business but that seems to be taking things to extremes.

Then  today at a public scrutiny committee, where I was answering questions on our decision to not allow wind farms on county land, I was astonished to hear ex Liberal Democrat County Councillor Harrison tell the committee she would support a wind turbine on Parkers Piece in Cambridge!!!! This was not a passing comment but made with gusto  and supported by Cllr Kevin Wilkins, also a Lib Dem County Councillor from the city, if vigorous nodding can be seen that way.

Finally, Cllr Kevin Wilkins then insulted me in front of the public. I think respect is important. Clearly if some one gives a different view to Cllr Wilkins he feels the need to resort to name calling. I was pleased that the chairman made him apologise. I think he may need to look into what the words liberal  and democratic mean. As it happens this is the second time he has shouted out insults recently. Not good for democracy or preserving respect in our institutions. On a personal level it felt like being savaged by a cotton bud, weak, pointless and totally without impact.

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