Talking or doing that is the question?

I am regularly reminded by the Liberal Democrat opposition in the County Council that running the council is not like running a business. It is certainly different but I do believe that common sense, efficiency, listening to the people of Cambridgeshire (customers?) and spending money wisely should be even more important as it is public money  we are spending. Even more important is making sure we do things for the people of Cambridgeshire rather than just talking about it.

I think what the Lib Dems mean is that process, procedure, endless meetings, politicians droning on, accountability, etc etc is more important than outcomes. I happen to believe that elderly folk are more interested in how we help them rather than politicians self importance. I also think that we can  have all the above, in healthy measures, providing we keep focussed on the outcomes. I would like to spend as near to 100% of the public money under our control on the people of Cambridgeshire not on our own internal political preening.

When the Titanic went down I bet it was a Lib Dem in charge organising a meeting to decide if the ship  should go left or right around the iceberg.!

I guess that is the difference between our two parties.

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