Localism – Harston

It was my pleasure to speak at a localism event in Harston yesterday. Much has been talked about localism. I think we can boil it down to devolving power and resources to the lowest APPROPRIATE level.

I am keen that localism does not become another political mantra. It should be seen as a factor whenmaking decisions in the same way that risk, value for money and legal are. Common sense must prevail. I do not want odd decisions popping up because they have been “localised”.

It is great that the pendulum has swung back away from a centralised state to allow local authorities and local people a greater say in what happens to them. This does not mean that every parish will be making decisions on ever matter. Nor will they be given every job to do. Pragmatic, common sense way forward on this one I strongly suggest.

Great event and well organised.

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