East of England Stroke Carers Conference

Today was my opportunity to speak to this very important conference. The attendees were largely those affected by stroke, or relatives. This is a key set of people. We know that stroke is the largest adult acquired disability with over 100,000 cases a year. Stroke has a huge impact on the individual and family and costs a fortune for authorities.

Attendees were encouraged to let’s us know what difficulties they faced, how services performed in helping them and how things could be improved. After my opening remarks there were a number of speakers including someone who had recently had a stroke at the age of 48. Very powerful.

The afternoon was all about break out sessions and questions to a panel, on which Martin Curtis sat.

Reflecting on the morning I have a concern that too much health jargon is used. This might help those of us who provide care but I am sure it doesn’t help those who receive it. Also, there seems to be a multitude of organisations, all with long and impressive names, all providing some help or other. Is this help joined up between them? I’m not sure. Already on my list of things to sort out.

Great to get direct feedback from those we provide services for. Question. Why is it so unusual, apparently, for senior politicians to attend these sort of events? More effort on our part required.

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