Tuesday busy day

Tuesday started at 0800 preparing to chair our regular Cabinet / SMT meeting at 0900. Whilst we have an agenda I like this meeting between top officers and the Cabinet to be relaxed and free flowing. Here we test ideas, think through strategies and review plans. Lots of excellent participation in a non defensive way. Really good for everyone to catch up across directorates and portfolios.

After lunch I had a meeting to review progress on reducing the overspend in Adult Social Care. Some new strategic thinking is required and as this service involves a number of partners, including the NHS, this is complex. Politicians make a huge difference here because we can give an indication as to what might be acceptable and won’t be. Partnership working is key and where this is with bodies that don’t have elected accountability discussions can be interesting. Martin Curtis, the cabinet member for this area, is throwing himself into this difficult area extremely well. We are both committed to reducing the overspend, for this year, and ensure plans are in place to prevent it happening again. Some strong cultural challenges ahead.

Next up were the Cambridge City Conservatives. We had an interesting conversation about the views and needs of the City. They have been watching my pro business approach with interest and welcomed my increasing involvement in the City. They were, as I am, very pleased with the positive feed back on my speech to the Cambridge and sub region Vision 2030 meeting.

The day finished meeting with representatives from the teaching unions. The unions and I are one in wanting the best for the people of Cambridgeshire. I discovered that a change to our scrutiny committees had somehow taken away the unions ability to consult. An unintended consequence that can be put right I am sure, now I know about it.

Good day.

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