Horse racing, internal meeting and a LEP meeting in Rutland

We sometimes forget that the racing industry in Newmarket employs a lot of people and generates a lot of wealth for the area. What is not so well known is that a large part of this industry is in Cambridgeshire, including the Jockey School. I had an excellent tour of the Jockey Club and it’s land and facilities as well as a stable and the Jockey School.

Very frustrating sometimes that Newmarket in Suffolk, is surrounded by Cambridgeshire. Getting consistency of approach to highways, planning etc is difficult it seams. Hmmmm

I made a mental note to make sure that this vital industry, recognised world wide, gets included in our thinking moving forward.

I then came back to Shire Hall for a one to one with Mark Lloyd. I also had to assist in getting an educational establishment development project back on track.

4:30 found me in Ketton in Rutland for a LEP board meeting. I think I got away from there at 7pm and home for 8pm very tired. Some good thinking at this meeting and lots of cooperation between myself and the Cambridge City Council leader.

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