Tuesday – full council

The day started at 0800 with preparations for full council. I attended the official pre – council briefing at 0930 before entering the chamber at 1030. There were reports from the police and fire authorities, 8 motions and the independent recommendations on members allowances.

The debates were mostly good. I was pleased to see three members of the armed forces attending to hear the debate on the armed forces covenant. All members voted for it except for our Green councillor. Whilst I always respect differing views his speech seemed I’ll judged when he attacked the armed forces. I caught the Chairmans eye and was able to express my disappointment about the comments and took the opportunity to remind everyone how truly excellent our forces are and how, despite being small in numbers, they are the best in the world. They fight with fairness and compassion and it is these qualities that we must show them when they return to civilian life.

I think we finished just after 6pm.

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