Monday – early start

Monday had me in the office at 0745 preparing for my first meeting at 0830. This was to discuss some possible EU funding. EU money is public money and needs to be considered carefully before drawing down like all money. Some more flesh on the bones required.

At 0900 I met with officers to discuss our current budget setting round. We refresh the budget every year to take into account changes to funding, performance to date and any new or altered priorities. This is a pre-meeting for the budget workshop on Wednesday to check slides, content and procedures for me chairing the workshop.

At 0930 I met with my deputy ahead of the informal ambient meeting at 1000. We had a number of briefings at informal cabinet and were then joined by Urban & Civic (owners of the enterprise zone land at Alconbury) for an update on progress. This is an exciting project led by some very good people with vision and the necessary finance to make things happen.

I then travelled to Norwich to meet with colleagues at Norfolk County Council before returning home around 1730.

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