Meeting with 38 High Profile Business Leaders from the Netherlands

First Huntingdon, then March and finally back to help host 38 senior business leaders from Holland, including the principal scientist from Philips Research.

Developing relations with other countries is important and in particular when we are trying to attract technology companies here.

I was asked, 5 minutes before the meal started, to give the opening remarks. Fortunately, I had lived not far from the Dutch region many years ago so was able to make some playful comments which seemed to get them all clapping and cheering. I then was able to make some strong statements about this fantastic County and Cambridge as its jewel. They were interested and very encouraged, that a former business man would enter local politics. It seems that the business community, in all countries need local authorities to ” get on with it” what ever it might be.

An extremely positive event. Home for 11pm. A long but excellent day.

Members gifts and hospitality book being updated đŸ™‚

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