Youth Support Services – visit to Huntingdon

My first visit of the day was to the Youth Support Services in Huntingdon. I had been warned that I would end up in Court and as long as someone knew how to get me safely out of the clutches of the criminal justice system I was content.

I met a number of extremely well motivated and professional members of the team. We discussed a range of issues with me picking up a couple of matters that are causing frustration unnecessarily. I see no reason why they can’t be solved with the right word in the right ear.

Keeping young people out of the criminal justice system is so important. I heard about the tipping point. One minute a young person is on the right side of the law but starting to get close to breaking it. Often for a variety of social / parenting / educational reason they cross the line and then it seems the pack of cards comes tumbling down. Young people who are homeless, withdrawn from education and committing crime are a problem for society and themselves.

The YSS team are really effective in stopping these youngsters hitting this tipping point. And of course if they do cross the line they work hard to pull them back as quickly as possible which helps the individual, society and saves us all money.

I came away thinking that I need to understand more about this service and help to raise its profile within the Council.

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