Council – prayers banned – not yet they are not

I have a great respect for our judicial system but sometimes …………… some decisions seem bonkers.

Given all the difficulties this country faces having judges time tied up with wrangles over whether it is legal for a council to hold prayers seems daft. If anyone is offended by prayers they don’t have to listen or could leave the chamber. The solemnity of prayers and the sensible guidance is a great grounding and start to proceedings. We lose such traditions at our peril.

We agree with Eric Pickles that councils should be able to make up their own minds whether to hold prayers and therefore have no current plans to stop our current multi faith and belief approach. Prayers have been part of the Council meetings for many years and we invite multi-faith representatives, including humanist, to talk at the beginning of Full Council meetings. Bideford Town Council has been given right of appeal and until that is concluded and we have fully looked at the High Court ruling we will continue our current practice.”

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