Wisbech – Cabinet to be held there

Since becoming Leader I have pledged my support for our deprived areas. We have a number of them spread all over the county and it really isn’t acceptable. Wisbech has some particularly challenging issues and often feels a long way from Shire Hall.

I want to raise the profile and promote the positives of Wisbech. I also want as many councillors as possible to have an understanding of the issues facing the town.

John Elworthy and I had a chat about all the positive investments that have been made in Wisbech recently. We also discussed how destructive continently knocking an area can be. Somewhere in the conversation John suggested could we could hold a Cabinet in Wisbech.

This struck a cord with me as long as it wasn’t just tokenism. The plan, so far, is to hold the Cabinet in the morning, meet with civic leaders around lunch time and then to get my Cabinet members to visit relevant organisations / people in the afternoon.

I hope this will enhance our understanding of the issues in Wisbech and give the people of Wisbech the opportunity to see Cabinet in action.

If this is a success I am sure we will repeat in in other areas of the County.

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