Thistle Corner – Ely

The complexity of planning and the regulations that seem to encase the process are often a mystery to me. What I can understand is that sometimes common sense seems to get lost.

Thistle Corner in Ely is a case in point. I won’t bore anyone with the complexities of the regulations but we seem to have ended up with a new housing estate, a new road and a new roundabout, all built to the correct standard ( on the face of it) with a huge lump of concrete in the middle of the road preventing traffic using the road.

Last week I was able to bring colleagues from the district and county together with the developers to thrash out a solution to moving the concrete. It seems we have agreement and all will be well on Monday.

I will be watching closely to see if the road is made available for the people of Ely on monday. If it is not ………………… !!!

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