Wisbech 2020 vision

I was really pleased to announce at yesterday’s cabinet meeting that work will start on the creation of a 2020 vision for the Wisbech area.

This is a joint initiative that local MP Steven Barclay and Leader of Fenland District Council Alan Melton, and myself believe needs to be created. It is something we all have been working on for sometime.

There is already a 2030 Vision Group looking at Cambridge and the surrounding area. Surely it is just as vital for Wisbech that something similar is carried out for the town and surrounding area. But I think everyone agrees we need this sooner rather than later, which is why Wisbech should have a 2020 vision of where it is going in the near future.

But this will not be a vision belonging to me, or the cabinet, or our MPs or the leader of Fenland District Council. It will be a vision created within the community and shared by the community.

This group will be made up of a diverse range of people including community representatives, civil and business leaders as well as academics. All looking to do the best for Wisbech. I am really pleased the University of Cambridge has indicated its support and willingness to help create it.

It will look at where we are now and where we want to be. More importantly it will look at how we are going to get there.

The group will examine the challenges facing the whole of the town, its communities and local industry. We will have hard facts and evidence to see what is happening and what can be done.

It will create a vision that we can all work to. It will build on the very good work that has gone on before. It will deal with deprivation in this community and help support economic growth.

There is already much good work going on in the community. There are great community champions and I know all elected representatives – be it on our local councils or our MP, want the best for the whole of Wisbech.

That is why this vision will be strategic and look across the whole of the area not just one individual issue or place. This vision will build on all of this good work and I for one look forward to seeing it take shape and playing our part in making this a reality.

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