Wisbech – College Of West Anglia expansion

During our day in Wisbech I was pleased, with the Leader of Fenland District Council, Alan Melton to have a brief tour of the College of West Anglia.

It was a great opportunity to get a closer look at the exciting plans the college has for the engineering block and see exactly where our new offices were going.

The visit came just as the land deal between the college and the County Council was signed. We, together with Fenland District Council and the College are investing around £13 million to create the new engineering and office blocks.

I think we were all impressed with the plans and ambition the college has and the real need for improved facilities to make this a reality.

It also gave me a chance to make some suggestions and look for ways of how we could be further involved in areas such as SmartLife.

The College specialises in motorsport engineering and the new facilities will help them continue this as well as maybe branch out into other things. The UK is recognised as one of the leaders in motorsport engineering. So it was good to hear the college has had success as a race team and a student has gone on to work for Lotus.

Providing the right skills and training is vitally important in helping create employment and support business. While putting our services in one place not only makes them easier to access for people but also signals our commitment to the town.

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